Saturday, April 11, 2009

Patch Note Previews (For April 19 – April 25)

It’s weeks like these where writing about video games can be extremely fun because of the wide range in game titles. Oh sure, it’s not Zelda or Mario every week, but these weeks can have that amazing kind of flavor. This week in video games is littered with a triumvirate of games ranging from a portable gem to Russians and Martians fighting it out to flying robots destroying wave upon wave of enemies.

Stalin vs. Martians (PC) (April 20th)

Before you get on the phone with your optometrist, that title isn’t a misprint. Double takes were done with this preview, especially after viewing videos consisting of Stalin commanding dancing, a random girl dancing, and sprinkles of game play, all while Russian techno played (what the heck?). The title gives everything needed to be known about the game with “Stalin vs. Martians” (SM) pitting Stalin of Russia versus Martians of Mars. SM is played in Real Time Strategy (RTS) fashion ala “Command and Conquer” with Russian tanks and footmen clashing forces with a variety of Martians (picture elephants/spaceships). The game looks like quirky fun with over the top battles, and it doesn’t seem to be serious, but how can it? It’s Stalin and Martians in one game! The game will be digitally distributed on Monday for a price that couldn’t be located.

Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM 2 (PS2, PS3, 360) (April 21st)

KOEI brings the long-awaited sequel (not really) to “Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM” with the release of “Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM 2” (DWG2). All of the Dynasty Warrior iterations have followed the exact format of players controlling their selected character and destroying multitudes of army after army after army. In DWG2, gundams (flying robots!) are the characters being used. DWG2 is no different to KOEI’s formula, but that’s not to say these games aren’t fun. Hours upon hours vanish with the DW series of games because there’s that sense of empowerment initiated in players for changing the tides of war and being the difference between winning and losing. Not much difference will be seen between the PS2 version and the other versions except for high-res graphics. Are high-res graphics worth 30 bucks? DWG2 will be on store shelves on Tuesday for $29.99 on PS2 and for $59.99 on the PS3 and 360.

Steal Princess (DS) (April 21st)

Whenever Atlus releases a game, everybody takes note because of their past successes with other hidden gems like “Persona” and “Trauma Center”. “Steal Princess” (SP) has the makings of one of these gems with its nice graphics, catchy music and songs, and well-drawn and animated cut scenes. SP is a puzzle-based platform game where the player takes control of Anise, the thief, who is asked to save the prince (this is a nice change from the usual saving the princesses). Anise sets foot in each level with certain objectives like defeating all the enemies or solving a puzzle to trigger the end of the level. Players can also create their own puzzles and share them on the “Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection” network, so puzzle fanatics can rejoice. Will SP succeed like other Atlus titles? SP hits stores on Tuesday for $34.99 on the DS.

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