Saturday, April 4, 2009

Patch Note Previews (For April 12 – April 18)

This week in video games isn’t peppered with household names that capture everyone’s attention. It’s one of those dead weeks where no one knows the video games, but that’s one of the reasons this page exists. Previews are provided for video games that may or may not be known, so without further ado. The games that comprise the 3rd week of April range from a portable shooter to a stealth-based game to a classic drifter.

Velvet Assassin (360, PC) (April 14th)

Replay Studios is releasing “Velvet Assassin” (VA) where players assume the role of Violette Summer, whose character was inspired by real life spy, Violette Szabo. VA plays like the typical stealth/action game (think “Splinter Cell”) with the player biding their time until it’s time to kill off enemies. A great deal of patience is needed with these types of games because if one makes the wrong move, it could spell game over. A fresh added feature is the “Morphine mode” which lets Violette slow down time of everything in her surroundings. While a great mode, the uses of morphine are quite limited. VA looks to be different, especially with not many games on the horizon, but $59.99 is steep for any game during these times. Patient, methodical players can purchase VA for $59.99 for the 360 and $49.99 for PC on Tuesday.

C.O.R.E. (DS) (April 14th)

At first glance, “C.O.R.E.” (C) conjures up nostalgic memories of “Doom” which isn’t a terrible thing at all. C impressed with its graphics and the frame rate it was moving at, especially since it’s on the DS. Long corridors, killing rooms, and dimly lit environments scatter the setting of C. The killing rooms stand no chance with the shotguns and machine guns the player has at their disposal. C looks to detach itself from the current DS library of games. With the price point and the power of the DS’ graphics being pushed, this could possibly be a hidden gem. C will be available for $29.99 on Tuesday.

OutRun Online Arcade (360, PS3) (April 15th, April 16th)

SEGA brings “OutRun Online Arcade” (OR) to the “Xbox LIVE Marketplace” and the “PlayStation Network”. OR takes us back into time with its classic drifting timed race game play, but adds an infusion of the present with pretty cars and lush backgrounds. Players can play with up to 5 players online (6 total). This might not be for the “Gran Turismo” simulation racers because players are drifting whole race tracks which, well, isn’t real. It provides a separation from those realistic racing games with a great blend of retro (timed-races and non-stop drifting) and new school (overhaul on graphics and online play). OR will be digitally distributed on Wednesday and Thursday on the “XBLA” and the “PSN” respectively. Price couldn’t be found, but it’ll most likely be $9.99 or $5.99.

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