Friday, October 23, 2009

Sorry For Partyin' by Bowling for Soup, Jive

Bowling for Soup is back! Wait a second here. Back from what? It’s been three years since their last album and five years since their only relevant hit. Honestly, who knew they were still making music? Before you pause “1985” to buy their seventh album, let’s take a listen.

You get what you get from Bowling for Soup. Their recipe is still the same, but maybe this time their whole CD will be popular? The funny lyrics are still there (depends on the person and grade level?) along with the occasional song about love with “Love Goes Boom” or “Me With No You”. Don’t forget the pop culture references because it wouldn’t be a Bowling for Soup album without them. Some of the references range from Aunt Jemima to The Jonas Brothers to speaking Spanish to not liking Los Angeles.

One of their songs is called “My Wena”. Really? Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, “my wena”. I can’t make this up. Actually, I can and so could a bunch of grade school kids. Yes, it’s funny, but only for less than a play through of the song. It gets old quick, real quick. Apparently others find it hilarious with this song alone having 158, 205 hits on their site.

“Sorry For Partyin’” is the same old stuff from Bowling for Soup with them trying to reach “1985” glory once again, but I’m afraid it won’t be on this album.
The songs about love are decent, and the one-liners are exactly that. If you’re that curious for a new Bowling for Soup album, go ahead, but it better be for nostalgic purposes. I’d suggest just listening to “1985” or “Girl All The Bad Guys Want”.

Grade: 2.5/5

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