Saturday, May 16, 2009

Patch Note Previews (For May 24 – May 30)

The variety of genres for this week are mind-boggling with a sandbox-type game, five developers combining their genius, and a racing game that could possibly bring up memories of the recent “MotorStorm”. Pick between good and evil, a barrel load of Japanese game characters, and chasing a chopper on a motorbike? It’s your choice, here’s the 4th week of May.

inFAMOUS (PS3) (May 26th) Sony Computer Entertainment

The makers of “Sly Cooper”, “Sucker Punch”, go next-generation with “inFAMOUS”. Every time this game is shown, it gets more and more appreciation and rave. “inFAMOUS” is finally upon us, and it’s about the world being a dark, dark place as the Reapers try to take over, but it’s your chance to save the world. Do you choose to be a demon of evil or a boy scout of righteousness? The karma system keeps track of good/bad tasks completed, and it also provides different powers upon path chosen (more explosion and fear when evil, while you’re viewed as a hero when good). “inFAMOUS” looks to provide one of the triple-A releases of the year with its unique take on sandbox gameplay plus karma affecting a player’s decisions. Align with your side on Tuesday for $59.99 only on the PS3.

Cross Edge (PS3) (May 26th) NIS America

Described as the perfect collection of five developers, with the five being “Gust” (Marie of Atelier Marie), “Capcom” (Morrigan of Darkstalkers), “Nippon Ichi” (Prinny of Disagea), “Namco Bandai” (Aurica of Ar Tonelico), and “Idea Factory” (Zelos of Soul series) as they bring “Cross Edge”. “Cross” is a pick your favorite character turn-based RPG with grid-based strategy elements of movement. The graphics of the main characters are in 2D with some environments and enemies varying from 2D to 3D. This game reminds some of the “Namco X Capcom” game that released sometime ago. Difference is that this one will make it to U.S. shores, and there are more developers on this project. Mix ‘em ups tend to be fun with all the different characters at one’s disposal with the many moves, super combos, and chain links as well. On Tuesday, you can pick your favorite Japanese videogame characters for $49.99.

Fuel (360, PS3, PC) (May 26th) Codemasters

Fuel” is an off-road, racing game with various automobiles at one’s fingertips, including cars, trucks, motorbikes, and others. Picture “MotorStorm: Pacific Rift” (PS3), but this game has some different modes to try to differentiate. It has the traditional timed circuit race and others, but chopper chase and seek and destroy look to be selling points. The graphics are solid, but the slightly different modes don’t offer a purchase first day grade (not many games do) unless one doesn’t have a PS3/”MotorStorm”. Make sure those gas tanks are filled up on Tuesday, so you can pick up this for $59.99 on 360 and PS3 and for $39.99 on PC.


  1. inFamous is freaking sweet dude. Easily at least a 9.0/10. Its nice to see another GREAT PS3 exclusive game. If Sony is going to bounce back from the creation of the PS3 they are going to need more games such as that. I am proud to be an owner.

  2. Yeah, definitely. It's something different from the stuff that we usually get.


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